​Matt H. is a phenomenal personal trainer. He is extremely helpful and personally involved with every single one of his clients. If you have goals set for yourself, he will assist you in achieving them. I have been training with him for the past year and a half and have seen my body undergo some remarkable transformations. I have noticed how much stronger I have become and can never wait to show off my guns!

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If you want to skip the dirty details, Matt is simply a beast. He knows what works and he knows what he's doing.

A year ago I was attempting to follow the Strong Lifts 5x5 program. My form and mobility was so out of whack that I needed a lot of guidance. I went to the internet and found a lot of conflicting information, which is why I sought out someone who could coach and train me. Not only that, but I had a previous fitness regimen that ingrained bad movement patterns previously. That's when I found Matt. After exchanging a message with him over another website, it was very obvious that Matt knew what he was doing.

He started teaching me proper technique main lifts last summer. I had to take a break but I returned to him at the end of January 2016. It was then we re-evaluated where I was at, and he started some strength programming following the principle of Daily Undulating Periodization. I saw some CRAZY strength gains over the course of two and a half months. Not only that but my mobility is drastically different than it was in summer of 2015.

Anyways... Matt knows what he is doing. His stuff isn't just a magic pill though. You have to be dedicated to your diet and do your due diligence on practicing what he tells you to practice. You have to put in work. His price offering is very good for his knowledge, expertise and dedication to his clients. I wouldn't choose anyone else. Five stars..


Strength And Conditioning Coach


"​I have previously worked with 3 trainers. None of those attempts at getting my fitness and health on track worked. They suggested unsustainable diets, supplements, and exercise routines that were not only boring, but not effective. Matt has worked with me to develop healthy eating habits that are not restrictive. The workouts that we do are challenging, effective, and engaging. The mix of weight lifting and metabolic conditioning keeps workouts from becoming mundane and repetitive.
I'm learning proper form and the importance of diet. The results that I am getting are noticeable to myself, friends,and family, but also, I am confident that they are sustainable. I am learning a new lifestyle, not adhering to a crazy exercise routine and fad diet.
Matt is by far the best trainer I have worked with".





I worked with Matt for about 9 months. In that time, Matt taught me how to safely lift heavy while adding in high endurance burst cardio for weight loss. I lost over 25 lbs., working with Matt, of which I have kept off to date because I've taken what Matt taught me and continue to apply it every week.